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First Time Out In Yoga Pants

So I finally bought myself some sexy girls yoga pants since I love that athletic look so much. I was done with school for the day and had a red vs thong and my new yoga pants in my car just in case I got the chance to put them on.
I changed in the car before leaving school, and started to drive home. On the way, I stopped at 7-11 in a t-shirt and my sexy grey yoga pants. No one seemed to notice but I was trying to act natural as I walked around and found what I was looking for:)
I paid for my stuff and walked out, stopping to bend over and check out the newspapers. I drove a little further, feeling sexy and adventurous, and decided to check out the new Wal-mart that just opened. Parking close to the door was easy but as I stepped out I realized that there were no pockets in my cute new pants for car keys, wallet or phone!
I put my wallet inside the waist band and carried the rest in my hands, walked through the doors past 2 greeters smiling and went to look for something that I have been needing for school.
I didn't find what I was looking for and was starting to feel a little dampness so I walked as casually as I could out of the store and back to my car, stopping at the door reflection to check myself out, hoping there wasn't a damp spot that anybody could see .
Wow, what a rush! I need to do that more often!:)
pinky4321 pinky4321 26-30 10 Responses Nov 19, 2012

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Ah, "The Politics of Pockets!" The word "femme" takes on a whole new dimension the first you wear pants or short-shorts without pockets! You really have to confront yourself as a "dresser" and realize that you can no longer kid yourself by saying, "Oh I just like to wear panties." Without pockets, what do you do? Do you carry your car keys and wallet in your hand like a twit, or do you concede that you're a "dresser", and buy a cute little Coach bag? Either way you realize, "WOW - I'm really getting into this!" :) :)

I am into this and have no doubt about that. It is only in consideration towards my family I am not coming out. at present i am carrying a small bag. I intend graduating to carry a lady's hand bag very soon.

IF I were to buy a bag at all, and it's a little late for it, it would something small and low-keyed. But then you would need a Coach bag for business outfits, and a sequined disco bag to match party/cocktail dresses, and; well you see how all this ESCALATES? It's like when you say at first, "Oh, a dozen pairs of panties is plenty!" Or "I'll be fine with a few pairs of shoes!" I swear, dressing up is like drugs - the more you do, the more you want! ("What's a girl to do?") Lol

I just bought a skirt that has two pockets on it :)

Do love the looks of yoga pants.

I love them and I wear them to my yoga class, . my fav ix the light breen one. It is a mixed class with both men and women. all apreciate my choice

This is hot! I have not "gone public" in a long time, but I have a pair of black velvet stretch slacks I would like to wear with a silk shell, and my black ballet flats. I would just like to go out some night for a drive, or maybe to just pop into a 7-11 for milk! I wear nylon briefs or hipsters under these velvet slacks, and they are soooo comfy!

I cant go out much, but i always wear panties,camisoles under my regular dress all the time. that is how i keep intouch with my gem side

For my first time going public i was thinking about going to comicon fully dressed as a girl.

I do have a laddies yoga pant and attend the yoga class wearing them. we have both men and women in our grou and nobody has commented on it so far. I keep my wallet mobile and keys in a bag which i carry to the class

I'll they feel good too! But yoga pants seem like little more than tights to me. I love my stretch pants, and when I fasten the top button, and see my panties peeking ot through the side zipper, I get such a "femme rush!" You don't really understand what "femme" mean till you wear your first pair of pants without pockets!

My yoga pants dont have buttons, it is held by the elastic only, Even the T sfirts I wear dont have packets. until now no adverse commenys ir strange liiks. My next big step will be to replace my present bag with a lady's hand bag. I dont know when I will gather courage yo do that

What do you carry your car keys and wallet in?

So far just my hands! I need to come up with something soon I guess:)

Coach has a number of cute little bags that are cute while not +being obtrusive.

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love your story! i have a pair too and love the look and feel. like you, i think it's a rush to wear out in public.

Great... congratulation on the experience.

Very brave. congradulations. i love the sporty look too.

I to love to wear leggings and Yoga pants. Since I have gained weight I only wear around hoe.

Nice experience thanks for sharing. I too want to buy those girly yoga pants, only thing is i dont know where i can get them in chennai or bangalore

Use ebay! Just make sure you know your measurements!

Fabulous sweetie