Cd In The Making

This is a strange for me to put in words, so i suppose the best way is what comes to mind. Present status, am a pensioner, still working though. At present i am sitting at poolside enfemme and enjoying every moment, loving the feel of the breeze billowing my silky wrap skirt and have already changed blouse tops three times. Not good at makeup but have all the basics. My journey started a long time ago but manifested to higher levels at the advent of the recent 2010 soccer world cup. At this stage i was very much closeted. A female friend and i went to the semi in cape Town on the parade, as normal male/female, she bought a roadside orange wig and plonked in on my head. I was gave for a party, firsttime wigged and in public. With the final we planned a bit more as I saw how easy under cicumstances it was for me to be part-fem in a crowd. We planned a week prior, makeup, better wigs, jewellry, and of course my favourate - lingerie fullon under clothing, it did give me a thrill, needless to say nobody batted an eye, even received compliments from revellers(boertjies/rugby players) and some partied with us after at the bar and commandeered our wigs. I told my friend that if i knew it was that easy to express myself as a female in public i would have gone in full drag. That kicked started me coming out more openly on my feminine side amongst friends.
I have susequentlybeen daily experimenting, my sexaulity and am at terms with it and its progression, but have noone in my circle to share it with and am limited as where and when to do so and cant wait for an oppotunity to do so. This is not about sex or being gay it is a desire to emulate the female form and fashions etc. Yes i do fantasise a lot and wish seriously i had boobies and by a finger of fate i would lose my physical sex organs and attributes, that being said i would love to be able to be a female. Alas, I have a beer potbelly am phiscally dominant male and unlikely to be a questionable female.
About six months ago while wearing a maxiskirt, heels(very comfy and wearing now), makeup etc i decided to go to the beach and for a walk or just go out. on my return i ran out of feul, no cell, no change of clothing and had to walk home peak early morning traffic, kids on way to school, main road as no shortcuts or detours around, made it into the house and nearly collapse with andrenaline rush. No come backs and it was a two km walk. I think i must have passed reasonably well. i now often go dressed or at least partially. If only my acquaintances knew how regularly i am wearing a bra in their company, a panty is my preferred attire and dont possess any male underwear, for a long time now. Nail varnish is also a daily as well as earrings bracelets etc.
I do not know of nor have any CD friends and have yet to visited appropiate bars.
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Isn't it great to enjoy the sensations & excitement of such experiences? The tingles, chills & thrills together can be so stimulating. Enjoy & let the women within you have her way whenever possible.