Wholesale Dropshipper

If you want to start your Home-based Internet Business for very little money, you need Wholesale Suppliers who Drop Ship.

Why? Because working with drop shippers eliminates the need for you to carry expensive inventories. You don't have to rent a warehouse, hire employees, establish accounts with UPS and FedEx, etc. You can sell the best brand names on earth from your home computer, and make good money at it.

Wholesale Suppliers who drop ship send the products you sell directly from their warehouse to your customer, with your business name on it. All you do it take the order from your customer and pass it to the distributor. You keep the difference between the wholesale price the distributor charges you, and the retail price you sell to your customer for.

Of course, there are a lot of places out there that want you to THINK they are wholesale drop shippers. They'll set up accounts with, say, 10 real drop ship suppliers. Then they'll call themselves something like "GetYerStuffHere.com", and claim that THEY are the wholesale drop ship supplier. Then it'll go like this:

1. GetYerStuffHere.com will place advertising all over the Internet proclaiming to be the greatest source that ever existed for all kinds of great products, and they'll drop ship all those products to your customer.

2. You'll get all excited because YOU can actually place everything from Sony electronics to Coleman Camping gear on your web site and sell it.

3. GetYerStuffHere.com will charge you an account setup fee, to cover their "processing". (Note: REAL Wholesale Suppliers almost NEVER charge you an account setup fee).

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So how do you know & find a real wholesale drop shipper?