Although I'm not a fan of admitting it, I absolutely adore a bf that calls me sweet names. I love if we have a play fight, when I'm pretending to be angry with him and go away, he asks me to stay and apologises so we talk and he pokes me and tries to make me laugh. I find watching anime with a bf really romantic and cute. Gahh I totally love cuddling too, oh and his hand going through my hair <3 I hate making eye contact, but when it's with the one I love, it's the most beautiful thing ever :3 I'd want him to call my name and not say anything just so we can have that heart warming eye contact. I'd love to skateboard with him too <3 Sigh, i could say so much, but I'll stop there.
aliyahatake aliyahatake
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 15, 2014

You sound like one awesome girlfriend! :D

Awwh tenku :3 im sure youre just as awesome ^_^

Me? Nah. I'm actually really horrible in relationships. :P

Oweh >.< meany c:

I'm not mean. ;((((

I like you :3

Awh, thanks. :)

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