The Loner

I forget who said it but some philosopher once said that the only time humans can reach their full human potential is when they are alone.

Now I do not exactly disagree...I think the purpose of life, or at least my immediate purpose, is to understand why I think what I think and why I do what I do because I find that most people have beliefs about the world and themselves that rarely, if ever, inform how they interact with the world. So I'm trying to elevate myself to a place where my beliefs about the world and my interaction with the world convey the same philosophy. BUT, I think that meeting other people along this journey is absolutely essential. I'm alone in my dorm for 90% of the week but every weekend I go out with friends and drink and talk and talk and talk...And its nice because now I feel like I don't take them for granted so much...when they speak I tend to listen more...and I'm more honest about my own feelings...

I think that being alone for long periods of time gives you time to become comfortable with yourself. As soon as you can talk you're in school with other kids just as confused as you with teachers, parents, older kids, etc. trying to get you to conform to the group ethic. That, to me, is bullshit. I believe that I am capable of thinking on my own and deciding what is best for me--and looking at the ways in which what may seem best for me could manifest negative externalities for others. I feel like being alone with nothing to really do but self-examination is the source of really know yourself--or at least as best you can.

People get annoyed because I don't answer my phone consistently (or ever sorta)...or because I'm not always down for doing stupid ****...and by stupid I mean really stupid like doing something clearly worthy of jail-time in front of a cop when are millions of safer places to do it...Apparently I'm too fearful or something but considering my experiences with cops or egotistical authority figures, if you can avoid the bullshit then BY ALL MEANS do it...I like to think of it as maturity

Being a loner reinforces my sense of self...its one of the biggest reasons that I still have my sanity now actually...from an early age i had to escape the scrutiny of my peers...the pushes to conform from my family...the need for validation from my teachers...I needed to be able to give value to myself and my own experience with life and I had to do it my way...

I'm losing focus so let me just wrap this Loner Philosophy as it were consists of two main points:

1. Being alone allows you the freedom and the forum to see yourself through your own eyes...there's no need to check your hair and wonder if someone is attracted to's not important because you should already accept yourself and all of your so-called flaws

2. Being alone is necessary for humans to reach full potential...especially in this age where I feel like the human population is way too dense...everywhere you go you're part of a group or a crowd with its own set of rules and expectations...ugh...but that the loner must NEVER FORGET...that social interaction is a beautiful thing and that communication (and I mean REAL communication...not bullshit small talk ugh) should never be taken for granted...we are all here to learn from each other so never take your own or others' experiences for granted...

--for some reason typing that last part made me feel weird an intense good feeling or something lol...but whatever...good luck to my fellow HERMITS...

ChampaBlend ChampaBlend
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 12, 2009

i didn't know that we could see loneliness like this, i'm a loner too, i dream a lot, it sometimes bugs me to be alone, but thanks to this loneliness i can take time to think about stuffs, life