A New Beginning

I am somewhat new this this type of life style. I have enjoyed getting into panties for a long time. But now i find myself really wanting to go alot farther with my woman hood. I am at the stage of wearing my nighties and panties all evening and to bed, I enjoy the feeling of seeing myself in pink and light blue nities. Even as a man I always made sure that my boxers always matched my shirts. Now I would love to try even more. I want to grow into a wig and bra and possible make up. When ever I see myself in my nities it makes me want to get some day clothes also. But i don't know about public yet. I am for sure a at home girl so far. I am open do any new girlfriends. So if you feel like you would like to help me please do. This is all very new to me, but i am very excited about it.
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It really is so much fun.

being girly is soo fun isn't it

want to be friends I tried to ask but your setting don't allow

Very cool!!!! I'm just in the lingerie aspect right now. I love to wear panties and nighty's. Like you I do want to go further. A wig and makeup to start. I have no clue about makeup and how to apply it.

that is a good idea about thrift stores, do you have any idea's about panties ( i think i would get embaressed to buy them at walmart. or a bra?
thank you very much for your help. it is nice a haveing someone that understands what i am going though

I do buy those things at Target. Don't worry about it. The clerks just want to make the sale and don't care who is buying.


Online. Definitely online for lingerie and in fact any clothes. It's so very anonymous. I spoke to a gurl online some time ago who suggested this to me, saying that these online stores are dealing with thousands and thousands of orders per day and would never dig any deeper.

Thank you 3monthcoma, I will try alittle more. A big part of my problem is the money to buy new clothes. But today I am going to go buy a new blouse. but i will try to get alittle more daring. thank you so much sweeti for your advice.

I am on social security disability and understand budgeting all too well. I mostly shop in thrift stores, even Goodwill, but we have several others in the area. I recently got two skirts, two pair of jeans, a blouse, a pink nightgown and a red suitcase for $45.

I am new to feminization too and go public almost every day. I still don't have the guts to wear a skirt or dress on my outings and dress very discretetly, women's jeans or slacks with a feminine shirt of blouse. Lately I have been carrying a purse, tee-hee. I suggest you do the same to begin. Get yourself some women's pants and feheminine tops that are a unisex to start. Sneakers are appropriate for either gender. At first I just dressed to do my grocery shopping and other errands, now I look for new opportunities. Very few people have noticed me and those that did just smiled and nodded their approval

you know I do.