I'm Not A Mom But, I Need A Mom's Help.

I posted a question on EP about a family I nanny for. I'm desperate for advice. I nanny seven young children, ages range from 4 months - 9 years old. 6 out of the 7 kids are sooooo easy. The 20 month old, however, isn't. She throws violent tantrums whenever I try to change her. She kicks, and screams and bites me. She'll even hoist her dirty diaper all the way up to make sure I cannot take it off. I want to be able to spend my time with all the children I nanny, not just the one. I also, find myself arguing with a 20 month old. Which cannot happen.

I also have an issue with nap time/ bed time. She wants to play with the big kids, which I totally get. But when I send the big kids outside she acts like i'm trying to murder her. She'll cry so hard she can't breathe, and that stresses me out.

What tools can I use to stop this? I'm not her parent, only the nanny and I don't want then parents to have to come home to a cranky, over tired poopy pants 20 month old.

Please help as soon as possible
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hun have you tried the m&m trick you tell her be still while i change you i will give you candy if she does reward her with 2 or 3 m&ms

I would, but they have a strict no candy rule. I have tried blowing bubbles for her while she is getting her diaper changed. Doesn't work

have you tried singing whats her fav show

I haven't tried singing. She loves Spongebob. I've tried playing that on my netflix, but she won't have any of it.

spongebob works on my grandson and so does the tickle monster i put my hands in the air and say with a smile tickle monster get closer and closer until you tickle this may gain her trust

I will definitely try ALL of those! Thank you so much! You've been a tremendous help!

you are welcome hun holler at me anytime

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