My Ode To Terrorists

Terrorist, Terrorist, terrorist, is only a word
Tales of death, destruction, all over the news
A bomb in Baghdad, more rockets from Gaza
More divided a planet we couldn’t have wished for

The powers that be simply want it that way
An excuse for a presence, they stir up race hate
But why should we hate our brothers of all creeds?
One spiritual connection, collective consciousness are we

Modern day society just doesn’t value life
It cannot, with the amount that it takes
Innocents suffer worldwide, in developed countries too
As the rich get richer, poor poorer, too true

No doubt it’s all staged, to maintain the worlds rape
Keep the people scared, keep them out the way
Al Quaeda’s on your doorstep, your gov’t will protect u
In reality they’re your brothers, no problem with you

But if someone came to your place, handed down for years
And turfed you out at gunpoint for settlement building
If the world ignored it, would you take it? Or fight back?
You would have to, or with token resistance: Pride intact

Mr Lennon was right, all you need is love
Please someone let Israel and some religions know
It’s a silent war, divide and conquer for sure
Executed by the elite, shaping this, our reality

Humanity needs to be number one again
To end all the worlds abject suffering
But as long as capitalism reigns supreme
Rich get richer, poor poorer, I want to scream
41-45, M
2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

very BEAUTIFUL :) and truth to the core, I am muslim and i don't like war. Love is the only way to true understanding

There are many good people who are muslim not terrorist. I think its time for all peaceful Islam to rise up against their clerics that preach hate. Rise up and say NO. It is love your neighbor that wins hearts. Changes the world.<br />
<br />
The People of the world, are all related. They are all brothers and sisters. True.<br />
<br />
If all the masses would rise up against the guns, they would run out of bullits..and when you win that fight, preach only love and peace. <br />
<br />
The only reason the rich are richer is bcause it is allowed by the poor...Nothing changes until many people decide to make a sacrifice for change.<br />
<br />
Radical Islam wants to destroy America. Why? Because we are FREE the way God chose us to be. Thats right, God wants us all to be free to choose to be loving human beings. Share with each other, or not... We are free to choose our destiny. Our America is the land of the free. We make mistakes, but we learn from them. A erronious myth is that our priests or rabbi's tell us how to live? Force us how to live? That is not freedom. That is not from God. <br />
God has laws, we choose to live by them, not forced. It is the way to heaven to choose Gods ways over our own. True freedom is loving God because we can and we want to... <br />
True properity is knowing that God is in command and believe that good comes to us through his ways...not mans.