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im proud to be a muslim im not a terrorist i respect all the religions but nobody respects my religion why do they hate islam so much i know that muslims where in some illegal activities but it does not mean that you should use the word terrorist even muslim's get killed for no reason a muslim women who was pregnant she was dragged out of her house her stomach was cut open they burnt the baby alive in front of that women i dont know the guys who did this belonged to which religion we muslims are tortured every where in the world but we dont give those guys the title of terrorist im really fed up of this please stop calling us terrorists respect all the religions no religion teachs you to fight and kill innocent people the people who do this activities do not belong to any religion i have only one thing to say respect all the religions in the world
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3 Responses Sep 6, 2012

As an agnostic I don't judge your beliefs. I judge others on how they act around me and others, and my opinions on people change over time if I have a chance to know them.

Truth... Muslim desires to rule over the world By Any Means Necessary... Just live enough to realize their mission... Be Afraid, Be very Afraid... They will achieve this through their religion. Watch As well as pray...

I'm with you. I'm not religious but I only hate the terrible things done by some people misguidedly in the name of their religion. I believe that if your religion makes you nasty to other people then you are doing it wrong.