Yep I am a muslim and no im not a terrorist and I respect all religions everyone who thinks we muslims are terrorists we're actually not just because of the actions of some doesn't mean all of us muslims should be judged. Islam means peace and when it is one of the biggest sins to kill in islam how could you label us terrorists. There are muslims who have probably done bad things and killed people yes thats just horrible and they have committed such a big sin and they will be punished by Allah. All im saying is don't judge all of us because of the actions of some.
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Muslim when I heard or read this word I feel like that the world is gonna be push it down. I live with them in Iraq and i had a lot of people of them but believe me all of them =0. And see what happen in Iraq now just google it and middle east and i don't talk a lot about them because they are like piece of ****. They kill, laying, rape, and not honest. Please read a bout these things I don't want to say people because believer they are not.

I do agree with you.

However, We cannot overlook the fact that.. Given recent events in the news around the world in places such as Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and so on and so forth.. It's no wonder people are seeing the religion of islam as a hateful religion.

Now, I'm NOT going to agree with those people because terrorists will always use a scapegoat to give themselves a reason to do something to another human being.

However I CAN understand why people would feel this way towards Islam as a religion generally given the circumstances.

Personally, I think all of this stuff that's happened recently is stupid and needs to stop.

People who think all Muslims are of the same creed as those involved in this extremist behavior should really stop passing judgement over the majority just because a small minority decided to wage war against people who don't share the same ideology as them.

conflict is inevitable as long as we over stress on the points of difference

100000000% agreed

It's pretty sad that we all live in such a world like this.

Oh, don't give me that crap-- we know what you all did.

And what did WE do, you *******??

Wash your mouth with salt mate cos if your not careful wht you say hell you'll get hurt that's not a threat

Oh, of course it's not. Sorry, mr Muslim. I am not worthy to speak against the great and violent cult of Islam!

Im Christian mate unlike you I don't go and put religious stereotypes I accept all religions and people as long as they are not like you it's discriminatory

Islam is not a cult. Its a beautiful religion. It's a shame people like you believe that all muslims are horrible people.

do u know what is islam ?? did u try it or even search for it's value ?? the answer is no please dont talk and try to discuss something u dont even know and just avoid being a jugmental ashole coz its acually just shows ur weak intelectual level ......i'm not gonna say enything else coz just the fact that ur talking about something u absolutly dont know shows who u are :) and thank you

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every religion has its terrorists christianity - spanish inquisition, klu klux klan, islam - al qaeda, isis, sikhs - thugees, etc etc
my wife & her family are muslims & i adore them as theyre some of the nicest people you could meet

I live in a Multicultural area in Australia one of my very best friends was a Muslim girl.
I have no trouble with any of the races here it is only the minority who wish to cause trouble.

As for the poster who remarked about Wiccans where did you get that rubbish from it is the Christians that burned the Druids and Wiccans at the stake without even a trial.

I myself am a Druid and respect all religions as long as they leave me alone to follow mine
We wish to live in peace not cause trouble and hurt others


where are u from?

i don't see muslims that way at all and i feel for you as probably a lot of ignorant people will figure you that way...

It is true that all Muslim girls are cute though... They also have raping unicorns and accuse themselves of being weird...

Sorry you feel that way. I see religion as the evil. Muslims, Christians, wiccans have all done bad things to each other in the name of faith. I also believe it depends on the region a person is from can throw up warning flags. Demographics plays a large part in how treatment towards those with differences is carried out.

Religion can and does help a lot of people out of bad places. Religion is not a bad thing. Personally I don't follow a religion.

That's your point of view

Why would you be a terrorist. Where I live, there aren't many people who label muslims terrorists.

But some places people still see us as terrorists

Yeah, The world is not perfect. Some people hold onto things they believe in to the point where it becomes blind arrogance.