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Week End Teasing

Thought I share a story of what I did the other day. I actually do this frequently as I love being a tease.

It was a nice sunny Sunday afternoon and was going to a bar for a few drinks with my girlfriend.

I decided to wear a nice short loose dress with no bra and slimmest G string I had.

I picked the dress that would blow up with any slightest breeze and show my *** to anyone that was looking.

Well it worked like a treat.

Arrived at the bar and could sense all the guys looking at me.

I ordered drinks and sat down so that my leg where just enough apart so guys can look up my dress and get a glimpse of my underwear.

As i went to the bar to order drinks i would somehow accidently drop some lose change on the floor causing me to bend over and pick it up . I loved seeing the guys reactions a as did this , as they all had a full view of my ***.

An occasional I would ensure i brushed myself against some guys as i was moving about the bar and often felt some having a bulge in there pants

After a few drinks I did get rather drunk and defiantly had my legs in the air more often for all to see.

Ended up on a booth and a few guys sat down and started chatted my girlfriend and me up.

I let one peek between my legs and look at my wet *****.

As i left I took my G string off and gave it to the guy as a souvenir and gave him my phone no to catch up later this week if he wanted.

I love teasing guys.
obocanogan obocanogan 31-35, F 16 Responses Feb 15, 2013

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you keep right at it

You are what I fantasize about meeting

And most of us like to look and be teased to a point, then we want some relief!

You naughty lovely girl. Where is the bar you frequent.I would love to encounter you for some serious flirting and more

Oh tease me baby tease me all day.

I wish I was there lol please add me

Love a great tease!


<p>Yes, you love to tease and it sounds like you have developed it into an art form. Thanks for the story.</p>

Obvious commentary aside, what about your gf's? Do you all engage in the same trying to out do the others...if so do you always come out on top? (Pun intended even if a lil cheesy)

you sure are a tease . but a good one .

guys loved to be treated this way. I sure your nipples look good too are a tease.....i bet there was a few guys jacking off after you left...

That is so sexy. I love it. : )

I wish I had been there to be teased...


Love to be teased by you.

Bare Hugs