3 years ago I was at a party at my sister's house. I woke up sleeping with her. I had blacked out and do not remember getting in bed with her. My hangover had me so horny. Here I was, hard as a rock, sleeping next to my sister. To make matters worse she rolled on her side exposing her rear to me. I thought I would just rub my **** between her legs. So I rolled, somewhat accidently, to spoon her. My **** was out. I ran it between her legs. I was just pumpin her a little when she woke up. Mary rolled over and looked at me. It was so evident that I was going to say I was sorry. She took my **** and stroked it. Then took her pantys off and mounted me. It was odd. Us. We were looking each other in the eye being as perverted as you can be. Not a word spoken. The ******* all over the place. Instant love. Excited by the perversion. I don't know. We held each other screwed again. It bothers me that ****** could have that much attraction. She was only 14. I was 16.
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nothing beats ****** *******

Ncest ******* is so intense.

Did you both have an intimate relationship after that...?

**** me!! That's so hot!!!

Nothing wrong with that!

No Way..Your sister is two years older than you..Get your story straight..LOL!

I hope the 2 of you can still get together!

That's hot,, I liked ******* my sisters,, hope you were with yours for years to follow.