My Anal Addiction

My old girl friend and I had great sex, we did all kinds of kinky things. She loved big toys in her, I really enjoyed using them, she could fit alot in there, my hand many times, she would put oranges in and squeeze them out, she would ride the wood bed post. A round fat ball. She took most of a egg plant one day, another time we got drunk on wine and got the bottle up there, she was a fun girl. Knowing I had bisexual experience and like anal play she bought a strap on with a big ***** and would use it on me, she really enjoyed it, I liked it to, she always wanted to put it up my hole and I would let her, she would get on her knees to give head and use a butt plug on me, I absolutely enjoyed that, its fun to have her between my spread open legs boobs dangling down on my chest her pumping away, I am perverted and love anal, but loved it all.
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51-55, M
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

i like vibrator,didlo in my butt