Pain lingers in every sole,
The person beside,
The newborn baby in the hospital,
The 99 year old man accross the street,
The rich people,
The poor people,
The meanest of them all,
The only thing keeping them alive,
Is the hope of tomorrow,
Be the one who smiles,
Be the one who waves,
Help them wipe away the pain,
Help them wipe away the rain,
Pain is something you choose,
Wipe it away.

This was kinda crapy but let me know what u think!
Smilz2012 Smilz2012
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 12, 2013 are right we do choose our own pain and we must wipe it away, mind over matter.

Hahahhaha XD lol 99 year old man hahaha !!!
It's amazing I really liked it :D

LOL thank u!!:)

Your welcome :D