My Motivation To Be A Prostitute In Secondlife

I heard about SecondLife from newspaper where was explained about a virtual world in 3D.
I was interested when was talked about the sexual side of SL residents. I entered for free and did my first steps to get an acceptable avatar; this was 6 years ago.

I'm a married woman with lots of intense sexual experiences since i was a very young girl. All these events marked my life and sex has always been a central part of my existence.
What i noticed when i married that all these sexual experiences that impressed me so much, still tried to seduce me. And that can be fatal for a marriage.

Most of the experiences i had are not compatible in a marriage and will destroy it. However the desire to explore more and more my 'inner ****' kept alive during my marriage and also the experiences i had were very vivid for me.

In SecondLife, i found a great platform to explore and get new experiences. I'm probably will not be a prostitute in RL but in SL i got a lot of similar experiences, however limited. The sexual encounters are visible by means of animated avatars, representing sexual acts of all kind that powers a sexual chat, describing the sexual acts we're practicing in that moment.
However its limits (no touch, no taste and no smell) are considerable, the effect in the human brain is quite strong and for some addictive.

I have compulsive masturbators who think that i control their *****; this seems ridiculous, but a fact is that some get hard when they see me on line.
It results a great alternative for unsafe sex, for impossible travels and visits and other inconvenients, as you can easily imagine. Its cheap compared to RL prostitutes and easy to play and get relief being more or less apart-ed from the rest of the family members.

Depending on the person and circumstances i ****** myself through fondling and touching. It's a great alternative that saves my marriage and gives me some of my sexual desires fulfilled.

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9 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Love yourself. Always a good idea.

Would you be kind enough to give me quick advice on how to get on and begin?

Good for you, and for those in your SL circle. It's true I think that no one person can ever satisfy all our sexual needs, and you have found an acceptable way to deal with that.

Nice, so then you and your husband role play or just a normal sexual activity? Dont you miss the touch or emotional intimacy whe you do this way!?

Reckon it could be fun at first but think I would soon get bored. Glad you have fun though. Kind of find it creepy that some unattractive Fat Guy could try to live a Second life through an Avatar. Does that not make it creepy for you as a woman? They could be anyone.

Well have fun XX

I will in a p m

Some people refer to its as an illness.r thoughts.

Its an allergy to images o

I am starting to feel some lust

Have you ever read " out of the shadows" ?