What People Do In Sl

A huge part of SL turns around sex and sex business. Just see the amount of different sex bed, rugs and other sexual furniture makers is amazing.
It is all made to power a good erotic chat in a special created ambiance. Or simply its used by so called pose-ball hoppers; mostly men who get horny only to see the pixels moving in sexual attitudes on the screen.
Most men however, after a while get bored of that (depends on where they have the brains and the size of it ), and try to find more intense experiences.

You can find all kind of kinks: from BDSM in all its sides, passing by schoolgirl fetishes, and cuckold, and ending up with trans-sex, rape, forced, beast, **** and pee, small penis humiliation and other hard stuff. I roleplay these kinks with my clients who ask for it and sometimes its a real turn on; forbidden sex and the money factor, which is a real part of the turn on.

Here om EP i see many desires for daddy/daughter experiences; in SL its all available and its fun to roleplay. You discover many things in yourself that you say: 'omg, do i have this also in me?'
SL made me more and more intense **********; i love it when men on the other side of the line are ************ cause they get horny on me and my chat with them. It is a turn on for me. Many times i feel a 'connection' with a client; all depends the treatment and the quality of his chat and of course, the money, which makes that i can pay all my SL bills of shopping, tiers, etc.

The intensity for me can reach sometimes unsuspected levels. Some men, clients, became real sexual lovers and provoked a real brain-blowing experience during my SL ************ session.

When i really began to enter into EP, i saw that many experiences are similar of what ppl try to find in SL and that's why i write stories and experiences. I hope to meet many of you in SecondLife. Of course i'm a prostitute in SL and that means i ask money for my services, but don't think that i use this platform to capture clients only for the money; the money i get for a session reaches is 1500L$ which is about 4US$, less then a drink in a bar. I think on EP is a great potential to have new sexual experiences, since there is no limit to fantasy and in SL you can play quite easy lots of fantasies.

I hope some (or many) of you in SL and share some great experiences.
Helen Dix
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9 Responses Jan 10, 2013

wow, interesting. Do you voice chat or just type?

I used to spend quite a bit of time in SL, before they had voice.

You make a good argument for joining SL

nice, it makes my **** hard again... thanks

I agree whole heartedly about second life. I have been a member for about 3 years now and enjoy it still today as I did the day I started. Actually check that, I enjoy it more now. getting started can be tough. ;-) What I find enjoyable is the emoting of the two or more people during the sessions. just to jump on a "poseball" and watch pixels have sex is not my idea of a good time. It gets me turned on to know there is a real woman on the other end of the line, more than likely naked or close, touching herself and getting off too. There is NOTHING you cannot do in that "game". I recommend it for fantasies as well as making friends. But, as the Bard warns, be careful it can be addicting...I hope that you will add me as a friend in EP and I will be looking for you in SL..

Thank you for sharing I loved your story. I am still pretty new to EP and have not had any chat experiences with anyone here. I also worked as an Escort in SL and for about 2 years was even part owner in an escort service. I totally understand what you were saying about the men in SL and it did not take me long to become a very desired escort giving them what they wanted.

Your ability to be able to divide the two different personalatie you wish to portray is very interesting,, I hope we become friends so that I can share some of the experiance with you,, Kisses

I loved your story. I hope you will add me.

I also enjoy sexting here... letting the imagination roam free... making it my goal for a woman to *** at least once each session... message me if you are curious