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I started writing poetry when I was thirteen and now nine years later and about 40 copy books filled I finally sat down and searched up how to self publish. called to me and a month after thinking it through I self published two poetry books. The moment I pressed print I felt some sort of regret, like I just wasn't good enough to try but as soon as I had my first book in hand I smiled brighter then I have in years and a few tears came as my mother read through it and congratulated me. I've sold about  11 books total but it doesn't even matter to me. I don't care if no one ever buys another one, I don't care about the money. All I wanted was for once something that was mine, for once I could go "Look what I did!" with pride. I feel poetry is the only thing that keeps me grounded and has saved me many times. Now on my worst days when I feel I have no purpose nor will make it through the day I glance to my book and I know I did something good once and I can keep doing it. I may not be as pretty as most or as rich or as famous but in my little world I know I'm moving down the right path, All of those feelings from two simple books. It makes me wonder how much more I can accomplish.
crossbonesandstars crossbonesandstars 22-25, F 1 Response Feb 9, 2011

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I look forward to the same feeling. My poetry has helped me through life more than anything. I've been looking to publish for a few months now. I'll check out the place you used too, though I think I found the place I want to go through.