My Raps Are Real Not Fake

My name is ty im really fly im not tyler the creator im the anticipator the eliminator the terminator im better than a radiator im hotter than harry potter i like catrina the tteenage which but then again she's just an old ***** snitch just like lelo and stich im a terminator then if I saw ur mom id date her fade herand ill say ill hate her we got obama who killed osama I fuke with the illuminati the killuminati they killed my ***** on her ***** pole in my house hole and gave me some old cole on my mole im bold I told like the man on the moon whos cold and sold me I like three girls they are like pearls in my life wife knife mt mife hife yo bro hoe do do no no my mt ho ho ***** mother funkin stich(hope u like my rap trap yall peace )
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5 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Pretty good xD

No bad at all. Great job,(:

No problem.(:


Aaaww Tylertoun - I wasn't trying to tell you how to improve - I like your rap very much just as it is..

When I said that it becomes a bit incoherent - that was meant to be praise, not criticism ! I like it that way ..

I like the way your rap sort of makes sense at the beginning - even though it's a bit weird - and then becomes almost incoherent towards the end. It takes me into a different out-of-the-ordinary "head space"..

Well done !

U r a really good rapper