My Raps Or My Life

I use to skip school and think it was cool but I was a fool and I got Friends who own a mersadi bens my parents dont give a **** but I just suck it up and the only people I consider family m tv hamil camel is jenzy she's my frenzy shes a good in the hood person in the mind I try to find I got caught by the po po said peace and gave me a release said goodbye to my neese got out of jail with bail told the jurry to ******* hurry I was crying trying lying begging and said bye to my gf megan and then my friend diaperteen375 hes lean not all mean hes bough made me turn tough then we got jennipink she's sweet like lemonads and knows how to brade and got me made and hooked with gf and got super laid bana made and girl with a frown she mother fukin deserves a crown so bow down im super Fly my name is ty and 13 carly she's maybe a teen but shes my queen and im a machine I dont wana be a fean
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Jan 15, 2013