Female Wolves

I uh I don't feel right posting this... So bare with lately I've been picking up "smells" and my wolf just flips out.. I've been trying to calm him down but he won't stop!! I also been trying to find out who it is no luck their Etheir.. ( I'm sorry if made any of you she-wolves mad.. The smell is driving me crazy)
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No, you didn't make me mad. Just work on not sniffing out what you want, okay?<br />
Lmao!!! Although... Next time this happens, have the guts to show who you are, okay sniffy?

Loll okay

xD good luck with that, haha. If she's human that'll be a little hard explaining y ur asking her such a weird question.

Ikr! Ill get smacked -.-

Yes I do!

Haha, just choose ur words carefully and you'll be fine

Loll thanks

:p or just get one of ur friends to ask her


It's the easy way out but it works, and that way she won't think ur a creep XD

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hmm acutally i have heard of many male wolves that smells when woman has their period, and that they get a lil crazy from it. it could be that. i dunno x)

Yes it is that. Thank god I don't smell it XD