I Cant Stop Thinking N Wanting To Get Off.

All i wanna do is have sex n jerk off, its gotten so bad ive cheated on all my gfs.
If i get an erge while im in public i ********** in the restroom. Idk whats gonna
Make it stop or replace the erge. During the summer is the worst because i also have
A foot fetish n wen eery girl on the island is wering flip flops i see sexy feet and i
Get turned on. Is there any other solution besides givin into the erge?
badfish420 badfish420
26-30, M
2 Responses May 11, 2012

Me too, except my fetish is *****, guys girls doesn't matter

*** on I'm. Like u ....u wanna have sex with me I luv casual sex.... All the lucky guys have sex with me only and I'm inviting u cummon...message me

Lol where u from?