My Song Naturally

This is part of one of my sings i wrote!:) hope yall like it!:D

You can see her, in the bathroom chekin herself, makin sure her hairs just right and her lipgloss aint faded, shes tryin, to make the highschool quarterback, notice her and i try and try to tell her

Love comes naturally,
And so does beauty,
So dont try to change yourself,
Love comes naturally,
And so does beauty,
Your beautiful the way you are!
Love comes naturally.
Smilz2012 Smilz2012
22-25, F
3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I'm not an expert but It's interesting can you show more of this ?

Yes I can!:)

hhhmmm interesting

What does interesting meanv

the whole thing but can't wait hear more of it.

But is it a good interesting or bad?

it's nice and cute.

Oh thank u!!:)) hmm what another one

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So true. This got music too?

Like notes?

A tune you sing it to. Notes are for those who are good at music - you THAT good?

Oh ummm its not a tune that has been heard befor i dont think! I am working on getting that good!

Brilliant - I am impressed.

Thank you thank you*bow bow*


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