How Stupid I Am...

I am a very good submissive male slave and im falling deeply in love with my keeper and i know she doesn't feel the same. To her i am nothing more then a slave and for the first time in a long while I want more... I wish i knew what to do. I love my mistress...
nevet nevet
22-25, M
9 Responses Sep 22, 2012

are you interested in full-filling a Dominant mistress desires?


miselorawhite@ g m a i l .com mail me if your interested of serving a mistress....

Have you at all communicated your feelings towards her. Maybe she can guide you.

How did this work out?

I just got a master

Loyal slaves = very happy goddess

You have only one option -- to serve her with all your heart. Obey her, accept all punishments as a special form of love.

I know that feel man ! Just make a mindset and make yourself clear about the situation.