Always On The Go

Im a very busy person, I have very little leisure time, working, raising my two teenage girls, and taking classes, so just to get a good night sleep it goes so fast, Im up at it again.

Gray51 Gray51
51-55, F
4 Responses Jan 24, 2010

Yep that is so true.

I know how you feel, not enough hours in the day : )

I heard ya! lol, you need some quality time for yourself instead of working and yes it would make a big differents. Take care. k.

That is good ,i wish i was like that always on the go,my life goes like this...when i finish work i ends up at home in the bed...but my husband is always on the go he loves to bowl, i don't. but all of that will change when i get my car this month, iam planning on working on myself and being busy.take care.