The World's "holy" Trinity

Well I have come to know that the three major religions of the world are all ripped off from Pagan "religions and dogma"... And that Christianity, the jewish faith, and the Islam are all ripped off versions of each other.

Not to mention how many people were killed in the name of it... Pagans were subject to bloodshed, which I find extremely ironic since the bible, torah and quaran are all based on pagan lore.

So this is the "holy trinity" of the world people. These religions exist not to oppose each other, as they are on the same side, but to confuse people, by making them ignorant of the Truth.

Where religion is used as a mass brainwashing mechanism, to keep people obedient and ignorant of the true "occult natures" of the world's religious leaders. Where to withhold occult knowledge from the masses means to "enforce and empower it behind the scenes" without the masses having any knowledge thereof... They cannot see what is really going on, because they do not know what "occult/demonic influence or power" means. How can they discern spirits if they lack knowledge of what is good and what is bad spirits. If they cannot see it for what it is, they will be subject to its "influence", they can thus not break free from such psychological control, and pursue a true path of seeking and experience the Truth, which they already claim to know based on their organized religious cult.

I have read that these reptilian/nephilim demons create energy vortexes, channels through which energy of people's devotion to these lies feed them - meaning that each time a muslim prays to the lie 6 times a day, or a christian preacher wastes his energy on the pulpit, they Feed the Jewish "vortex" of energy vampirism... Giving them more energy, feeding the Father of the lie all the way.

But I am deeply concerned seeing that there is a fourth religion in the uprising called the New Age Movement. The NAM also works in a similar way as to "stealing energy"... The more new age products you buy, or put your faith and thoughts into a lie, the More you feed the system.

The more people are given free rein to indulge in their Egos and not seeing things clearly as a true enlightened mind is supposed to, the more you are ruled by these "dark forces" of the world... Not only does it boost the Egos and the pride of people, but it also takes something in return, THEIR MINDS!!!!

The same way with the other religions: islam says "go to war for me and get some ten thousand willing wh0res in heaven, die for our Allah and you get laid!" Cheap deal when there's nothing holy about prostitution don't you think? Especially when they kill h0m0sexuals in Allah's name - guys who aren't interested in haouries - WOMEN... Lmao, there must be man wh0res in heaven too...

And christians go on "hey you must be a hypocrite, love your social image, tell lies about who you really are just fit in, if you do not LIE and pretend to be a sweet little angel, we will make you a social reject and stigmatize you with the label of mental illness all over your arse, not even archangel Gabriel's mercy will be able to wash you clean after you pull the stunt of being "real" and true to yourself!!!!"

And the new ager goes "oh love n light n peace: let's bring unity among humanity as whole" - and meanwhile back at the ranch is the only UNITY they bring about, the UNION OF GLOBAL DECEIT, SCAM and FRAUD!

If the jewish religion, was truly just part of the other two major oranized religious systems, then the NAM is truly the third peanut in the packet. The rise of the anti-christ for a third time big "*****" only to be shot down.

When islam didn't work, when christianity didn't work, path was made for a new thing of Satan to work...since the NAM is more "tolerating" of any sh8t than any prior religion before... Christianity and Islam sired or gave birth to more rebels and social deviants than expected, since they were too strict in their brainwashing and violence of mental and physical abuse, that some people started to actually think for themselves, understanding what lies behind the true "powers enforced", viewing the government and its ways of mental control over the masses with more clarity each passing age. Well now we have a NEW AGE approaching us, where the amount of rebels are exceptionally minimized, since the allure of cheap magic is just too great for the Ego to resist.

In a New Age were everyone is allowed to be "angels", "messiahs", "aliens" and what have you - anything you want to be Satan offers to you on a silver plate to please your Ego in every way possible... And I find it even more ironic that some people can choose to become vampires, but what they do not realize is that if they pretend to be "messiahs" propping people's heads full of lies and ignorance that they are in fact being part of the mass global vampirism alliance... The NAM dragging people into a pit of ignorance, feeding the lie all the way, the more people buy into NEW AGE Bull sh8t, keeping the Lie or system in Power that they think they are bringing down with their hypocritical effort of bringing heaven to earth yet charge billions of dollars each year on their tarot cards, angel therapy classes, books and various other new age workshops etc.

Yes how sick is that? Preaching ascension and moving away from Babylon (the material world and its gods) while making a killing on being a "new age guru" luring people like flies with that sweet new age psychobabble blah blahs.

We know that the jews just love the money and that their system of mass brainwashing never failed them, and now they believe that the answer to silencing rebels lies in the next best thing - the NAM... Because not only does it promise alleviation of the material world, but also personal divine-hood for all whose Egos are big enough to fall for it... I don't get it though - people are being swindled saying it is the end of the "material illusion" and that all can be worldly kings like them?! Huh? Sounds just like another version of Satanism - silencing the rebels in exchange for the promise of a sh8tload of power!!!!!

Huh? Seriously... No true rebel has so much pride that it blinds him to the Truth, binding him to the lie!!!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Jan 7, 2012