I'm A Witch

I realised I was a witch after I turned 15. My whole family are Catholic and I respect this but I have hidden being a witch from them. I know this is wrong and I hate this but I just can't do that to my Mother and a lot of my friends are Christians. I guess I have just been thinking when I move out of my home and get my own life I will find the courage to finally tell them but I still can't imagine how they will react.

I once told my Dad how I didn't believe in God and all he said was "If your Mother of Grandma heard you say that they would die." and he walked away. How am I supposed to take that?

But in no way am I ashamed of who I am. I am just afraid of how my friends will see me. I don't know any other witches. I live in a remote village and I have to take an hour long bus ride just to get to school everyday. Who can I talk to about this? No one. Sometimes I find myself never wanting to wake up in the mornings.
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im a beginner in practicing witchcraft. help? i could use tips

i told my friend enimy and she told every one at my school i had to move to a new state now i got a new start but my family still doesnt know about me

I really know how you feel. I'm a witch too, I'm so different from my family and I can't even tell them. Sometimes I feel like it was impossible to handle that situation, but just keep your head up. Someday you will have your own home and you'll be able to act however you want. That's not an awesome motivation, but it's what I can tell you and what I tell myself everyday. Hope I've helped somehow.

if your friends can't accept you for who you are then they aren't your true friends. just explain you're not a satanic retard and they should get it. family may be a bit difficult..sometimes its easier to just play the christian role. typically we keep it to ourselves until someone asks.