Its A Jail...

Yes, I'm a woman in a man's body. My feelings are feminine, i'm sensitive, romantic soul. I know, many woman or man giggle when saw a crossdresser, i can admit, sometime can look funny when a man wear womans clothes, and its still not an usual sight for the society seeing crossdressers. But its only clothes... If, i saw myself in a mirror i saw a woman, not a man, so i don't think I'm funny, and i think, ave a little sense for style, so i think i can find the proper womans clothes for me. I love to shop female clothes, and i love to wear them, only that time can be really myself when i wear womans clothes. I hate my body hair, especial my facial...

I born with a female brain, in a mans body... not a good pair... The biology is sometime made some cruel trick.. And the result can be a hard life, an unappreciated life.
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yes it is like you are a prisoner in your own body and life is harder for us

The hormones can be good, but its a two edge weapon to me. Its okay to get more softer skin and less body hair, but I don't want develop breast, I feel good with my flat body...

I know exactly how you feel. I've been on hormones for 2 years now to make my body conform more to my female mind, emotions, desires.<br />

@Josie:<br />
I like to saw myself in female clothes, i like what i saw in the mirror, but if i wear mans clothes, i don't like the result... <br />
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@Cigysub:<br />
As you said, we have special talent. I treat my crossdressing like a gift, one way is very good and useful and the other way, this can be complicating our life...

Oh, do I understand!<br />
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Truthful words ... when I see myself in the mirror - I see a woman. Regardless of my condition.

You are not alone. While our lives can be hard and unappreciated by some, we are unique and have been given a special talent. You are for me, and for so many, wonderful.