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I Feel Like A Woman Trapped In A Mans Body

when i was a child i loved the woman around me.i felt a connection with them
I never had much of a closeness with the male  members of my family.
same  way when i wnt to school. I got along better with the females i came in contact  with.
when i went thru puberty my pubes swelled and grew  sore and even leaked a
milky fluid.( like my body wasn't sure  which way to go.) when i was 30 years old my
body began to change again. my breasts began to grow again and my faciel features softened.
i have always been more feminine body wise,my arms and legs are soft and hair free .
i have never had to shave them. i have shapely hips and butt like a female. i am very passable.
i dress and live as a female 24/7 .i have a lot of men hit on me .they think i am female.
i am married. my wife supports me 100% in my dressing. we shop together
and wear each others clothes. my breasts are still growing. . recently i reached
the place where i am now a 46-DD . i have always wanted to be  a DD so i
am very happy about that.
aniowagirl aniowagirl 66-70, F 9 Responses Dec 30, 2010

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i wish my wife would suport me that way if i am happy she is not if she is happy then i am not what do i do

wow that's so great you get to be your self and have the support of your wife

u feel like a woman to huh lets talk about it i feel same way how long u been feeling this

sence i was 5 my mom dressed me up as a clown for school but when i got to school i was a girl and when my mom pick me up she frecked out

hi there im jeff

hi how are u

I'm a guy and yet I feel like a woman, I'm super sensitive about things, like watching sad movies or reading sad stories, and just other things too. I enjoy lighting candles, and listening to peaceful music... seems more like a woman thing to do, and I just feel compassionate like a woman would, some women are probably even tougher emotionally than I am, lol.. It seems like there is not many people that feel like this. I don't dress up like a woman or, I just FEEL like 80% female, and 20% male.

Glad you are happy with who you are and found a wife to love you for being you! Love your stories!

Thanks for being my friend.I read your story and their are many more like you out there.<br />
I have been with the same friends since high school and we have been together 43 years and married for 39.<br />
Sex was never great We have 3 kids and 7 grandkids,.<br />
I have always been more woman than man and I love myself more than ever,<br />
Nice to communicate with you girl.<br />
Louise CD

thats cool to be able to wear a nice size bra without falsies I would be in my element,I'm only a natural "B" cup.

well i always tell people you can have boobs as big as you like if you are willing to do the regimine fasithfully. i used herbals i bought off the shelf at walmart to grow mine to the size they are today. they are 46-DD and still growing .
I suppose then next thing wil be a ddd or an E cup.

I want my breasts to grow what kind of herbals you take im a woman trapped in a male body here is my email

I'm so interested in your results would love half of those results could you email me at

i want my breast to grow to i would like to know about your herbals also

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