I was always considered to be a true gentleman. Friends of the family would always comment on how handsome I was. But they never saw me. They saw someone else. Since I was a little kid, I have seen myself as a lady. I would always want a little princess dress when I was a kid. Mum would never say yes though. I never knew why
Then I learned I apparently wasn't a little girl. I thought they were messing around. Parents do that. But she wasn't. I knew then I wouldn't be seen for me, I would have to pretend.
So I've been acting out my part ever since. I buy myself heels and dresses and lots of girly stuff so I can feel more "me". I let my hair grow out so I would look more feminine when I wore my dresses. I keep my body slender, not bulky.
At least there is one person I know personally who knows who I am and loves me anyway. ^-^
BloodRedShadow BloodRedShadow
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You should be proud of yourself

That's good that someone loves you for who you are. It really helps with the whole thing.

Yes. I am lucky. ^-^

Sure are. Are you planning on going through with the a change or staying male?

I would like to go through with it after we settle down and have at least one kid. After that, I will go through with the change.

Ah, I see. (S)he(?) doesn't mind? That's awesome :)

Like I said, I am really lucky. :3

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