I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore

I've forgotten what I started fighting for. I'm a girl. When I picture myself in my head, I don't even see my physical self. I see a female rendition of me. The real me. 

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oh yeah, and if no one's said it to any of you in faaaaarrr too long; I love you... ;)

I support you all, especially you ts420! I applaud you on being courageous enough to be honest with yourself. I don't feel like I am a women in a man's body, but understand how it must be. I've always been a rather empathetic and caring guy, but got ridiculed and called every name under the sun because of my gentler nature. From that perspective, I can identify with the emotional weight that a slowly evolving social system can place on a delicate thing like the human heart :) It's no one's fault that you feel the way you do; not even your own; so if you feel like ridiculing yourself or others per chance make disconcerting remarks towards you, remember that you are coming from your heart and expressing your soul to the utmost you believe defines you! Allow yourself to continue to love yourself for who you really are (with or without a body), and embrace the true grace and warmth of your own character! Then, the beauty that you are will shine brighter than the sun, and you will know how beautiful you truly are! You are a gift to this earth, as is life; remember that always! :)

So sweet, no?

yeah, I just wish there were more open hearts in this world and less bullies. It's unfair, yknow?

Go fri it.Be the real you.<br />
I wish I would of done it 40 years ago.<br />
Would love to keep in touch with the girl in you.<br />
Would be nice to have you as a girl friend girl,<br />
Louise CD

Like me, if i saw myself in a mirror i saw a woman, not a male...

Excellent story and tinacd51 very well said!!! If you can't afford to do what you wish now, just focus on your goal, be a good person, and be mindful for oppurtunities!

You are young enough that you should not fight the feeling, I have been trapped in a mans body for years and wish I would have done something about it.<br />
I know if I was in my 20's with the internet I would have done something about it by now.<br />
I feel so good when I am my womens self, most of the time my womens self is mental so I can go there anytime.<br />
We have no choice about the body we are born with but we do have a choice about the mindset we use every day.

I'm trying to get a job so I can transition. I'm in the anus of america, michigan, so it's difficult. Especially when you have emotional problems because you're in the wrong body. I can't even afford panties right now :'(

There are many of us who live inside your idea of this world. Some who are brave who try to fight it, some who are generous and try to make others feelings most important, and some lazy like me who just accept what is natural and be that which is obvious. I pray you take the path most natural for you.
Seek counceling very soon for your emotions and your gender. If you cannot afford, maybe your government will help? Your system is not mine so I am uncertain but they may help.
If you need help, give us your size and a blind mail address and perhaps some of us will help you.

If you feel like a female do something about it now. I felt the same as you when I was young and did nothing about it. I lived a life iI regret. I secretly dressed female thinking that would solve my problems. I thought I could resist and live a straight life. All I accomplished was a miserable life. Just the last ten years I came out of the closet. I don't care who knows I long to be a woman and that I dress female. Not all the time, but I'm working towards that goal. I FINALLY took that big step about two years ago and preceded with feminization. I have been taking herbs and they have worked. I NOW HAVE BREASTS along with other feminine changes. I'm finally happy. GO for what you desire now.

I think you're not the only and I hope that you will find likeminded people. As for me, I think you just need to rediscover yourself and then embrace yourself. Be who you want to be<br />
<br />

Physically I am male, but I feel like a female.

So I can understand that you wanna be a girl,but in fact you r a boy?