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A Bit Of Age Is A Good Thing.

There is something so sexy about an older man. The way he speaks, the way he moves, the looks he gives you... ah, I just adore them! I suppose that their general maturity is what really gets to me. It's not the same with guys my age, I feel like I have no more than a few words to say to them. They talk about basics, about the weather and movies, blah blah blah. That is, if they can even mumble out a sentence... most have little to no confidence in themselves, or are otherwise exceedingly cocky. With an older man, however, it's just so easy to get wrapped up in conversation. They aren't afraid to go after what they want, either, because they realize how quickly life can disappear. They've been through things, acquired a bit of an elusive quality, mind always planning, a slight smile on their face to conceal it all. Why date anyone else?

OblitusAuri OblitusAuri 22-25, F 28 Responses May 15, 2010

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Were you really 16 when you posted those comments? If so, you are way mature beyond your years. I am a way older man who feels basically the way about young girls as you do older men. I dont know where you live, but it doesnt matter because we could get to know each other in any event. I consider myself to be quite intelligent, and i am 6 feet tall with a sexy lean body. I am very nice looking with a well maintained beard. If your still active on this site maybe we could get to know each other and exchange pic's. My name is Jerry, what is yours? I await your response.

Oh!, Yes!, I am 65, can you handle that, hehe

It is the same with guys who look for that experience in the older woman ... So I agree with you.

Here, here!

I agree with the other comments here. An older man, like me, may still be attracted to and excited by the age and beauty of a younger woman, and relish the attention that we get from a younger woman, but we also have the depth of character (and usually personality and wisdom) to be able to see the real person behind the outward appearance.

You are right.

Intelligent thought, well written.

I'm sorry. But I gotta laugh when I see so many guys going straight to "ADD ME!" xD Kudos to you for knowing what you like and for being so articulate about it. :)

Thank you for this story. As an older man with a younger woman (19 years between us) I can say also that older men are not in so much of a rush, and have less to prove. They are more likely to want to hold hands along the beach and talk than want to rush you into bed. They've been around, most likely have had other loves as well as heartaches in relationship and life, and they understand more.

We're more stable, less drama-oriented, and we know who we are.

We also very much appreciate your attention, it melts our heart when you come into our arms with your young energy, so enthusiastic, so fresh, so perfect.

I am a very lucky man indeed.

How old do you like?

Interesting explanation of your attractions. Are you involved with an older man now?

Here is another idea (but from an OLD man- not just older one!!) The next 10 years enjoy your kind of mix of men (you seem to know what you want) learn from them! Then find one of "proper" age to have babies with. You will be a better Mam and Wife! Got it .? Lots of Luck and Happiness

well said :)

this makes me kind of sad :(

Nice perception as I find you to have the thoughts of a much older person.... Let's talk?

I think that to but im also getting attracted to girls as well -///-

A mature man has learned to appreciate what is in front of him. We need to mature to be able to express ourselves and meet women at their level. Sex is great, but there is so much more to a relationship. It is a shame we as men take far too long to learn that,

Guess I need to post a pic

Wow thanks never really connected with girls till i matured

Girl’s older men will love you, teach you and respect you always. Message me

love ur story..! you hit all the good points.

This is a lot like the evolution of beer drinking for men and can be applied to almost any situation; sex, career, and etc. When we were young we drank to get drunk. We drank as much as we could and boasted about how much we drank and did not care if we got drunk too quick or the taste of the beer. As we get older, we start to define what good beer is and learn to appreciate the taste of good beer. Now we are older, I can drink a hell of a lot more than most 21 year olds, I know good beer, and I can afford it.

add me plz

Hi OA, I'm an older gent, 54. I'd love to chat with you. Please add me to your friends list.

yeaaa for the old guys its nice to be old

Your comments are right on point.

we know how to take our time,to get to know you,to become part of you,to become one with you,i think thats whot you like most and apart from that we are prity dam good

Oh, my dear, do you live near me? I would take you proudly on my arm and treat you as the lady that you are. Then in private, I would shower you with whatever form of intimacy you desire.

I quite agree with you on this in general! I love men who are interesting to talk with, who have experienced life, who know their way around... they just get me fascinated!

As an older gentleman of 49 years I have to agree with your premise. It is refreshing to hear a younger lady write it; us older gentlemen are usually dismissed by the younger ladies. I would very much enjoy your conversation and to pamper you as you deserve!