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I Was A Younger Guy Who Wanted To Love An Older Woman...

I sure wish I had had someone to show me the ropes sexually when I was a teen. Most folks feel that's an awful thing and have made it a crime and socially unacceptable. I disagree. If I would have had a sexual mentor lady to teach me how to not only please a woman but to have an ****** without falling madly in love, I would have never been a orphan, heavily into churchy things and married at 17! I was a father by 20 and had not even *********** until my too young wife was pregnant with our first child.
I so would have benefited from a real woman stepping in and giving me a hand and then some sexual love to help me understand how to do it safely and as gratification not only for me but my partner.

I am willing to teach and help as much as you would like. There are so many perverted people out there with there penises on their profile pic and the like. Let me know and I will help as much as possible and however you like.
saltyjet saltyjet 41-45, M 1 Response May 5, 2011

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Oh rats I did a response to this and lost it..grr trying again
Sooo what I said was.. that yes there are women who would, and there are some advantages of younger men for women :P But in general, women aren't motivated by s*x in the same way men are, that doesn't mean women don't like s*x they do and they like it every bit as much as men do but.. for women love is a far greater motivator.. most women only want to do it with someone they care about and who cares about them.. yes many women try casual but it soon becomes meaningless and loses appeal.. so the trouble with your scenario is.. that the younger man would be asking the woman to give him s*x knowing that he wont ever love her wont ever want to be with her and wont ever want to have a meaningful relationship with her.. so he is asking her to give something without offering much in return.. s*x just isn't as strong a motivator for women... lol we have toys that do the job :P

So while there are women who would and do date young men.. and can be a great way of men gaining experience.. there is a real danger for the woman that she will end up feeling used.. women do have this propensity to fall in love with someone they are boinking especially if regularly.. and so she might well fall for the younger man even though he has no intention of ever offering her that and she could well feel very hurt and as though he used her just as something to help him gain experience.