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How Do Older Men Pick Up Girls?

I am 20, turning 21 in 12 days. I meet older men online. My last sugar daddy was from He was so sweet to me and we fell for each other but his wife found travel receipts with my name so he told me that he has to lay low for a while. When we first started going out in public we didn't hold hands because he was nervous. It didn't take long for him to warm up and hold me while we walked together. He would hold my hand, put his arm around my waist, and kiss me in public. 

I am extremely attracted to older men. I only date older, white men. Why does it seem that they are only online?
Why cant I meet him at a grocery store, while I am shopping at an outdoor mall, at the gas station, walking down the sidewalk to work, or even other departments in the office building where I work? Are they shy and afraid of being rejected? I understand that society would not look positively at an older man with a much younger girl in public... but can they get over this phobia of being judged?

I want for a guy to see me walking down the sidewalk in my brand new BCBG Paris Wedge heels and my sea green Anne Taylor dress with my hair done down and my sparkling polished nails gripping my bronze Steve Madden clutch. I want him to throw a flirtatious smile or wink and approach me. I want him to tell me that he is interested in me. Why can't this happen? Is online my only choice of meeting an older man for a romantic fling?
PrettyLittleKeena PrettyLittleKeena 18-21, F 60 Responses Feb 29, 2012

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You want

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Hey PLK. I'm a 48 year old looking for something similar. I would love to talk to you and get your perspective on things. Feel free to message me. Look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!!

Any older men interested?

Wanna hang out sometime?

Would like to talk to you. Add me pleases?

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You need to find an unmarried older man......either divorced. or widowed. On-line is the best place. Post photos with lots of cleave and sex appeal. Be mobile and
ready to move......If you do it right....he'll send you a airline ticket and an invitation to move in with him. Be prepared to have lots of sex with him......that's what he wants from you.

Let me know if you want to chat.

you can e-mail me and we can talk

I do not pick up girls and certainly not online, not to judge anyone it's just not my style, I am also not a one night stand guy, that is not to say it may not happen online, I would still like to get to know the person, the brain is the largest sex organ and I prefer to penetrate that before the rest of the body is surrendered to me. Once I sense a mutual connection I go on a relentless charm offensive that rarely fails, when you truly desire someone or something wholeheartedly you will find within you that which you never knew existed, which will allow whatever you desire to manifest!

It will be easy for you to attract older men but you have to go to places where they hang out. Just dress up a little, look sexy but Don't go overboard and look too hot or they will be afraid to approach you. Finally, look at them, let your eyes meet theirs and be sure to smile at the man you want. The rest will happen naturally, in fact this is the way it has been happening for centuries.

I am an older guy interested in younger girls (I'm 34 looking for approx 10 years difference, Give or take a couple of years). If a younger girl was interested in me, I wish she would just say it. I don't take hints as I offen read situations wrong.

I have heard about sugar daddy and I thought "What is that kind of daddy and daughter relationship?" and until now I have the same thought. The men you are looking for is not DADDY, that is LOVER. They have money and you have youth. I guess most of us hide ourselves in the public because of many reasons.

add me baby

I feel sad about your situation and understand how you must feel. Happy to discuss further if you wish.

Hi there PrettyLittleKeena,

I'd love to chat more privately

I loved what you wrote. Why not have a look at my profile and see if you would like to chat, privately.

There are some reasons why a young girl loves hanging out with older men. One of them can be from lacking relationship or love from the father. I am also in love with a man who is older than me 20 years old. I met him online too. I wish I was a normal person who was born in a normal family that could lead to be with a young boy as many girls around me but it is impossible cos it was abnormal since I was born. He got married once and I truly love him but he does not love me. It is funny to say so. I thought he loved me and that is why I loved him back but I did not know he acted the same way with many girls. I guess love can't be decided while I love him when he is not rich and have not many things. I am trying to quit this relationship now cos it can't have good results. I am willing to quit my ideal man because of him but he can't quit his ideal wife because of me. He has some standards to judge girls which can't apply for me but he does not know that. Old men have a lot of experiences to make young girls like you and I feel happy but it doesn't mean that they love us. We are just too innocent kids for them. A serious old man will think deeply how the relationship is when one of them will be 60 and the other one is still too young, not only about himself.Another thing I want to share with you is about the old man you mentioned above. Be careful with men who got married. They just need strange feelings sometimes. They will not divorce their wife who go with them such a long way to get married with a young girl easily. I think you would also have the same decision if you were them.I don't want to think much but we have to be wise if we are with a wise person.

I think u like loose skinned guys

what you say is somthing fore us the older men to think about your right why not love has no age tag on it both fore men and wimmen

O how I wish you lived in south africa....if I knew how I would tell you my story but I can't seem to find out how to post!!!!

You seem gorgeous.
As for me, it a question of building total trust. Also, being married, if friends saw us and reported back to my wife, that could be disastrous.
Have a look at my profile, I should be very interested in your views.
Peter xx

great story

You have to flirt with them, probably more openly than you are, and they'll get the hint.

Really the best way to meet older men outdoors is to go to places like malls or maybe a walking downtown if you live near one. The key thing is to do it by yourself. If your with a little group, guys your own age would be challenged and old guys would never try.

The last time I met a much younger (24ish to my 56) girl was on a Sunday at the bar of a restaurant, after the lunch rush when she came in alone. I talked to her long enough to form the suspicious she was hot for the bar tender, but I'll go back there in a Sunday or two to be sure. Good luck.

I have been trying to find someone like you for years. I do from time to time approach youg girls that seem that the may be interested but am always rejected.
You need to be a bit foreward & let us know your interested.
I would love to be yyour friend on here at least.

Smile at us, let us know that you are approachable, that will work for you like a charm


I admit I too have only had success online, in the old AOL chat rooms I used to meet students from a nearby university. I have tried other ways -- waitresses, store clerks, one time a girl sitting in her car with the door open in a parking lot waiting for a family member -- no success. I've actually preffered black girls at times in my life. Just today at lunch I got the phone number of an ethnic asian waitress half my age. It's actually getting the date that's hard. While your talking live they typically go for the excitement of it but later they go "hey wait a minute".

Girls online on the other hand, are on a mission.

I think your best bet to finding the best men would be online. I know I have met some great girls on and a few on Seeking

OMG! My life's biggest love was with a girl 32 years younger. We lived together for 4 years! We were not hiding, everybody knew that we are a couple and we live together.
It was soooo deeeeep...
Unfortunately her family didn't want us to stay together forever.
I hardly could survive missing her.
It took 1,5 years to recover.

Actually not I sought her, she looked after me. We spent some time till we get to a very intimate relationship. I never pushed her to pass this line (I never would do so). Everything happened slowly, in a natural way. Slowly a strong trust was built up to both of us.

I also like it when girls ask me out.

I like PDA with my lady. I'm not married so I don't have to hide.

They only appear online because they don' want to be ridiculed by others and be branded. I think if you want to make this kind of thing happen, you have to go where your target age group is, can get them somewhat alone, and be able to strike a conversation. Example, a bookstore. Tucked in the isles of the bookstore there are tons of places that a person can talk with relative privacy....well kind of. You'll know something about the man you're targeting because he's looking at a book or in a section of the store. If you're in a bookstore that has a cafe, even better. Because then you can move from the isle to cafe for a cup of coffee...and talk more.

Damn marry me please. My wife won't mind lol. Can we chat sometime love to get to know you.

Age hasn't restricted me from approaching someone like yourself. Though I doubt my jeans and tshirt look does much for you. Then again, I doubt we'd be in the same building together. I wouldn't avoid a smile your way, though!

lol..most guys haven't got a clue about an Ann Taylor dress or Steve Madden clutch. as long as you look stunning.

Interesting comments. I'll be 63 years old next month and if I wasn't a devoted husband and father I'd be hooking up with all kinds of young women. It's probably because I'm confident, a good listener , look young and am not locked into the past. I also do a few hip hop dance moves and
enjoy singing Rap , Lady Gaga etc. in my Singing Telegram business.Maybe it's just my sense of humor and easy going personality but I've always had women trying to hook up with me and even now at my kids schools occasionally young teachers and mothers of seem open to further contact.

Can you add me please? Thanks.

Holy **** were are you walking I want to run into I'm a married older man would definatly be afraid to talk to a much younger woman as most just go yuck. Add me I love younger girls. Duh who doesn't.

Online, we are where we know what you want, like here. In a store, we're an old creeper and get called that. Kind of a turn off.

You answered your own question by saying "sugar daddy". The implications are someone that will financial care for you. That is not a relationship that is a John / prostitute relationship.

Perhaps your wording/ attitude needs to be different. How about just "lover" or "special" friend. Maybe if you are looking for a sugar daddy your intentions are transparent and obvious

I walk into stores where hot young girls work, They greet me with a sweet "Hello baby" or " Hi sweetie." Which is fine by me, and i never take offense to the words. However, let me return the kind words to them! That makes me an instant pervert!! How can you explain that? 52 years old, educated, wealthy, in shape, and not bad looking. So there goes that idea. Most hot girls don't sell out for someone just because of status. The ratio of an older man getting a young hot girl is lower than a younger man getting her. However, the chance is always there.

Most older men wouldn't stand a hope in Hell of attracting a women your age unless,they are rich,famous or powerful so even though many of us love girls your age and younger we know the humiliation of being rejection and making a fool out of ourselves just isn't worth it,so the men that do go for it as it were feel more secure by doing it online,but you still need to be well off,but sadly most of us aren't and most of us aren't good looking either,so for the majority of older men it remains a fantasy and nothing more.

gimme ur number...

I think that society's views on this subject keep us guys from making a move. I know that there have been several that I would love to have talked to, but it's just too risky. Even girls 21 would be frowned upon at my age. I wish there was a better way than sugarsugar. I too am on there, but have lost interest because it seems like all I ever do is throw money at it and occasionally I get a text message. Or rather, I get a message and when I go to look, they want more money for a longer membership and the message turns out to be an advertisement. I wish you good luck, hugs and kisses. j

Add me

No come to Littleton Co I've had young ladys make the first move and that was all I needed to feel confident in meeting them!

I am an older man who has just about given up the possibility of meeting a much younger woman to share my life. I want to love her, hold her, and kiss her. I want to do nice things together. Go places with her, and have lots of fun and romance together. If you think you might be she, please write to me. I will answer you.

Girl’s older men will love you, teach you and respect you always. Message me

I like younger woman / girls but find it hard to meet them in public. I will flirt with them if possible, problem is that most think your a perv. So it very hard to find someone that wants an older guy. I have meet a few again have known them for a while, know / find out what there looking for but all takes time. Had twins that picked me up recently they were 18 I am 50. Was a great night for all.

My ex wife was 17 years younger than me. When we got together she was my trophy girl! She sat high on my pedestol

I met my husband in a swimming pool (I lived in a nice upscale community on the water and they had an outdoor community pool), on one of my days off work. I purposely swam into him in a white string bikini. I also teased/coerced him into a game of pool volleyball, and my top ended up falling off, but I knew he was enjoying the view until I could get it back on. :)<br />
<br />
I recommend places where older men would be: gyms, charity fundraisers, theatre houses (to watch plays), dancing, high-profile bars where you often see professional men off work, yacht clubs, fancy hotels on days where he would be staying for business trips, etc. <br />
<br />
You could also try getting your real estate license on the side and sell the fancier houses. You will find older men moving into or around your area, and if things get spicy enough, they normally stage the high-end homes or you can always hop on a counter for a quickie. :)<br />
<br />
Make sure you are looking sharp, wear things that they would enjoy from their time. Think stockings, garters, g-strings, etc. Know the "age" of culture that your guy is coming from (i.e. born in the 60s, teen/college kid in the 80s:: research the 70s-85s fashion and "hot celebs" and go with it. You would be their fantasy!)<br />
<br />
I know walking around in a 3-piece business skirt suit was a major hit. I had every guy young and middle aged looking at me.I also had confidence and I was bold enough to know when to approach someone and get their full, undivided attention.

WOA! I do try golf courses, researching local social outings in upscale communities where I live. I just don't think that guys are willing to talk to me. They are scared that younger girls are not into them. I also end up meeting men with families (kids). It is hard to find an older, successful, professional male who is not attached.

You are younger, and a lot of guys who are attracted to you will be hesitant about your maturity and experience. You need to be able to dress and act mature, you need to be classy and elegant, and you need to be entertaining, intelligent and enjoy humor. Then on top of it, you need to know what you want at all times, with no indecision, and be able to say it out loud.

I am 22, I have had a child and I am almost ready to give birth to my second. I still look (besides the tummy) like my 15 year old driver's license picture (I was a model, and I know how sexy, flirty, funny, and valuable I am). I pursued my husband, and after I started, he turned the tables and began pursuing me.

I was the young woman who walked straight up to a guy I was attracted to, and asked him what he was doing this evening. If he said anything less than "going home to my wife" I told him that "we're going out to dinner."

I never had an issue of an older man not being interested, or not being interested enough to make a move. I made sure they had the opportunity and I had all the right signs. I actually had to leave my hometown to get away from all the guys pawing after me, I still get emails from people begging me to divorce my husband or have an affair. It was so bad that I would be driving in my car, and an older man would try to ask me out to dinner.

You need to remember to put yourself out there and be the woman they will be attracted to. Never go against your morals and values, or lose sight of who you are and what you are worth. Also know what you are looking for: marriage or a sugar daddy? You will find more guys wanting to be a sugar daddy than a husband.

If you live in a smaller town, I suggest moving to a larger one with more opportunities for a successful relationship.

add me plz

it's a fear is a big factor. As others have pointed out we older guys don't know if you younger women are into us older guys. For me I need the younger woman to make the first move and it needs to be obvious. The fear factor is especially in a work situation the fear of sexual harassment. Second, my fear is that if I approached a young lady that I wasn't sure of being into older guys I'd not like to make a public fool out of myself and be slapped in public for making unwanted sexual advances.<br />
<br />
Honey, please add me to your list of older men on here. I'd love to chat with you.

Keena, are you still looking for advice from an older gent on this topic? Your post is about 6 wks old, so I just thought I'd ask you, Mizz BCGB Anne Taylor ;) Yes, I'm not old enough to have not heard of those designers. lol

Sweetie, you don't go out "looking for one" you just sort of run into one. I met mine while at my work. It wasn't an "instant spark" thing, either. It sort of just grew and slowly went into that direction. Then sexual tensions starts to build and then he shows me his big ****... And the rest is history. What is your work environment like? Before you go out on a big hunt, you should try and see those closest to you. Those sites are just full of men looking for prostitutes, you don't want to go there (not that I've tried, but it looks that way to me). Good luck with your search.<br />
<br />
Do you really think he's going to care about your designer items? They barely recognize those things. He'll probably like you more if you didn't own so many expensive designer items, that'll just bruise his ego. With some men, you've got to stroke they're ego and make them feel like they've got more power and money than you do.<br />
<br />
It's not just the sweetness. Older men are good in bed. Mine found my g-spot and help me discover the pleasures of pushing on my **** hole.

Well there are very attractive men at the office where I work and we d pass each the down the halls sometimes. I would rather not start a fling with someone from work because these men hold top professional positions. I assume anyone with a great career must have a family and be married so I don't want that to blow up on us if we get found out.

Well, I'm one to assume that if a man has a top professional position, he'd me smart enough to guard himself in case you two were found out. If he's ambitious and he's now in a top professional position, his work must mean a lot to him, he would have figured something out by now. The man I'm with says he was careful not to date a woman who wouldn't care to keep it behind closed doors or who would say his name when talking about him. Just convince him that you would be equally smart enough not to use his real name when talking about him in public, and you'll be fine. Some men value you more than showing you off to other people. Be careful to not make the mistake of dating a man who's more interested in showing you off than actually enjoy you for himself. But also don't be with a man who's afraid to take you to public places when it's safe to be out together because being hidden can hurt your self-esteem too.

A stupid/inexperienced man would take you with him to the hotel and check-in together because he's insecure and needs to be seen by other man with a younger woman, a smart man would arrange so you could arrive/leave the hotel separately and you'd have the keys so you can enjoy each other. Being discreet can be a very exciting thing.

As an older man that is attracted to young girls I must admit that I wouldn't dare to speak to you<br />
1) because I'm so shy<br />
2) I wouldn't know you are in older men so I NEVER dared to ask you for meeting up<br />
3) last but not least, given first two I fear to be rejected<br />
Unfortunately I'm so shy that I need internet to chat with girls. I hope you are not repulsed from my attitude. I sure would LOVE to meet you for real, but unfortunately the first meeting would have to be on internet.<br />
Or perhaps as you see my interest you flirt with me, teasing me a little bit so I would dare to ask you if you'd like to drink a glass or two. But I fear I'd get red just from asking that, I am so hopelessly shy.

So if I am out in public somewhere.. how would I let someone know that I am into older men? should I say a sweet little flirty line and see if he bites the bait?

Yes, that might be necessary, how else will the older men know that you're into older men ? As I told you I'm rather shy so I probably would need such a hint to "bite the bait" as you call it.

With you on that - it's partly, in my case at least, that I don't want to be taken for some dirty old paedophile, but I do prefer young women - so a girl in her late teens or early twenties would have to take the lead, so to speak... But yeah, do all the usual things, smile, don't break eye contact too soon, let him catch you looking at him, all that kind of thing, and who knows who you'll find? ;)