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First Tease

As you all know by now, I like older men, anywhere from 35-50.Im 16 btw So here goes, this happened just the other day actually and it was so exhilarating, I live in a house where were pretty close to other houses so we can see neighbors pretty easy and vice versa. Anyways, I was getting undressed in my room the other day and I didn't notice my curtains were open when I started so I had taken off my shirt but not my bra and I turned to close the curtain and I noticed our next door neighbor, an older man around 40 I think, staring at me. My first instinct was to close the curtain but then I decided heres a chance for me to flirt with the idea of an older guy. So I kinda acted like I didnt see him and I took off my bra slowly and let my boobs fall out naked, I took off my pants and bent over my bed to slide off my panties but i stood up to see what he was doing. He was just staring at me and i stared back this time, i put my hand down the front of my panties and he smiled, and began to rub the front of his pants too. My mom almost walked in so i shut my curtain so she wouldn't see. It was so much fun though, I haven't seen him lately, I hope its not awkward. It was so hot though.
PrettyKathy PrettyKathy 18-21, F 12 Responses Sep 12, 2012

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Such a lucky neighbor! :-)

Love this story! Good girl, I'm moving next for to you!! Lol. Would love to be friends here, add me here please. Thank you!

Nice story.

No, that's not awkward at all. I'd LOVE to be in the place of your neighbor and get to see you teasing me like you did with your neighbor :)

crazyy lol

Lucky neighbor !

add me plz.... i have a nice surprised :)

hahahahaha..yeah, it was really hot! mmm...16 y.o body....yummy!


ad me kathy

Anybody wanna add me

great story add me please

I can't add you :(

A pretty good expirience :)