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I am attracted by older men..but just of the ones who look like an 25 -30 man..who are looking younger°s like..I liked once a man who was 33 y old .. but he looked like a 23 one ..It°s not that I like the ones who looks like my grandpa..It°s just that..hmm..Hard to°s like them have more experience in life and because of it are more attractive .. Am I that strange?..(but I like even the young guys like me or with some years bigger than me..^^.. ) .
Jigoku Jigoku 18-21, F 5 Responses Sep 15, 2012

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Girl’s older men will love you, teach you and respect you always. Message me add

you never know what will happen till you try. its your life live as you see fit n not by anothers opinion