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I Recently Really Started To Like Older Men.

Well, here goes my story. So I am 15 years old and I am into older men. The first time that I noticed this was probably a year ago. At first it was just crushes on men like Steven Tyler, who by the way is super cute. I noticed I liked him when he was a judge on American Idol and I started freaking out, thinking, "I shouldn't like him! He is to old. I'm turning into my aunt!!" Yes, my aunt likes older men too, her husband is about 15 years older than her. SO here I am, thinking I am crazy and "hopefully it is just a phase," when I realized that I have crushed on guys older than me most of my life. I realized that when I was in elementary school, I was crushing on guys who were significantly older than me, a 10 year old crusing on and 18 year old. I couldn't believe it, surely there was something "wrong" with me. Then a couple months ago, I joined a website to talk to people, just random people because I woke up in the middle of the night bored out of my mind. So I joined this website, and I couldn't help but start talking to guys at least in their twentys. I set a limit for myself, I would not talk to anyone older than 27, and younger than 17. To me, 27 seemed way too old, but I was giving myself a comfortable limit. I think the oldest guy I talked to was 25. So I excepted the fact that Iliked older guys and just dealt with it. Then, a couple days ago, I found myself searching the web for chatrooms with older, older guys. I was shocked to find myself thinking about men 35-42 years old. Now, i'm not sure what age I am going for, but one thing I do know is that I am not here looking for sex, for now I just want to talk and get to know someone that is resposible, smart, nice, funny, and just an all around gentleman. I want someone that I can trust and rely on to not just leave me hanging all alone. You can message me and ask me anything you want, I am willing to answer pretty much any questions you have honestly and openly. I have learned in the last few years to not be afraid of letting people close. I have been through a lot in my life, and I am definetly not looking to go through more **** than I have to, so if you are going to be dirty, mean, and lie, please don't bother with me. Like I said I have been through hell and back.
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So now that you are at least 17 did anything change in your perceptions of older men? What you wanted at 15 may differ drastically from what you want at 17. Or 20 for that matter. It's a process that will probably evolve for the rest of your life.

Really liked your story. Im 34. Add me as a friend and we can talk.

im sorry but i think ur profile pic is hot

Don't be sorry cutie. Add me as a friend please.

it says you cant communicate with uderage girls

Skype or Yahoo?

they are not letting me send it

Its on my profile S K Y P E r u n f o r f u n 3 1

Join the letters together!

l u l u c a n d y @ r o c k e t m a i l . c o m

Just added u to my y a h o o - o w e n e v a n s 3 2 A T y a h o o D O T C O D O T U K

Also sent u an email :)

Shes was 15 and youre trying to get with her?? ******* perv! If I ever see you anywhere im ******* you up!!

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I would like to be a friend and a pair of ears hun x

I think the perception of "older" is kind of funny. To me, a girl in her mid to late teens finding men in their twenties is not so way off that I would call it absurd. How many people have parents who's age differences range from 1-10 years? Quite a lot. In fact, "old" is a matter of perception as well. I think men between their 20s and their 30s are still kids to me. You, being 15, finding a 30 year old attractive would not seem absurd in the least. I think many girls would still say that Sean Connery is attractive even if he's super old. Or how about that guy that drinks Dos Equis, "The Most Interesting Man in the World". The fact is, if it weren't for the law...I think there would be a lot of girls like you opening up to older men.


wow mean how awsome are you and honest Mike in Colorado love to chat

I'm 27 :)

It's nothing bad, I always liked older men. My boyfriend is seven years older than I am. I've had relationships with guys around my age before him and I couldn't relate or feel like I was at there level because mentally, and physically I've always been attracted too older men. With my current boyfriend it's great, I mean we do disagree a lot and we view things a lot different but he's great.

Good luck sweetie and your normal dont let society or anyone else tell you differently KISSES♥

hope you find a guy just like your looking for

you just searching for someone to look up too , someone with uplifting energy .

Girl’s older men will love you, teach you and respect you always. Message me add me

Well I would love to chat an learn more about you. Give me an e mail or someway to chat with you other than public. Have a nice day.

Woud it be an idea to change your age? Then it's easier to get in touch:)

Hey there. Hit me up if you want to chat.

I would love to talk but as u know not allowed. unless u email to leecan.LG@g/m/a/I/l dot com.

I wud luv 2chat with u bbe,have u got msn,if i give u my msn u add