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I've Always Been Intrigued By Older Men.

I recently just turned 18. I couldn't wait. I've always have had this attraction to older guys, when I was in high school I never had a boyfriend near my age. There is just something about older men that intrigues me. It may be their experiences, maturity, or just that they are men and not boys. I find an older mans physique quite sexy. It may be somewhat wrong, but I've been attracted to older men since I was in little. Hmm, It may be an unhealthy attraction to some. But, I could careless. I know what I want. I want an older man.
LexiDollx33 LexiDollx33 18-21, F 16 Responses Jan 2, 2013

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There is nothing unhealthy about your feelings. If someone wants to criticize you and say it it so then reefer them to this list and have them justify it first before they judge you.
Actor Alec Baldwin +28 years older than wife Hilaria Thomas
Musician Ronnie Wood +34 years older than wife Sally Humphreys
Actor David Hasselhoff +27 years older than wife Haley Roberts
Actor Nicolas cage +20 years older than wife Alice Kim
Actor Michael Douglas +25 years older than wife Catherine Zeta-Jones
Musician Rod Stuart +26 years older than wife Penny Lancaster
Actor Harrison Ford +21 years older than wife Calista Fockhart
Musician Mick Jagger +23 years older than wife L’Wren Scott
Actor Clint Eastwood +35 years older than wife Diana Eastwood
Musician Neil Diamond Katie McNeal
Brad Pitt +12 years older than wife Angelina Jolie
Tom Cruise +16 years older than wife Katie Holmes
Musician Frank Sinatra +30 years older than wife Mia Farrow
Entertainer Fred Astaire +45 years older than wife Robyn Smith
Actor Warren Beatty +21 years older than wife Annette Benning
U.S. President John Tyler +21 years older than wife Julia Gardiner

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Be damm careful here my dear. Not all is as it may seem.

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im 33 is that old enough?

It's all in the mind, so you tell me.

I am an older woman, and I can assure you that older people of either sex are much more sexually creative and far less inhibited than the 18-25 year old set. I know I was and pretty much everybody I know feels the same way. Don't worry about it.

Older men are smarter wiser and endurance....ahhhhh that for me is key. Younger men want to *** and then roll my experience (no offense to those youngsters that can prove me wrong) older men can go for hours and hours at least my Dom can. But still there are some young ones that have that special endurance ....hard part finding them.

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With older men you may not get the looks or staying power of a younger get but you get the pleasure of the experience

Oh believe me .. us older guys want to DO you also. My throbbing penis take GOOOOOD care of you!

Then go for your older man miss lexi. Find one that will love you for many days or years to come.

I don't think it's wrong either, besides, I know I've had plenty of experiences and all to your benefit... I've never met a woman I've slept with that hasn't been able to have multiple *******, and I'm talking about sheet-wetting-stain-the-mattress *******. I say go for it

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