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I'M Attracted To Older Men :(

so a friend of mine and i have been teasing this older man that we met through a friend who met him on omegle. at first i thought it was gross cuz he’s alot older. alot.
I think he’s like 50 something. well, my friend lilli and I have been chatting with him and sometimes we send him pics of us and he sends us pics too. I think i’m falling for him, he really listens to me and even though i know he’s a pervy old dude, i think he really likes me. He’s not like the stupid boys in my neighborhood who are obsessed with stupid things like sports and video games. besides boys my age are gross and stink like jerk off. lol. anyway, He’s really cute and lately i’ve been fantasizing more and more about him. I like to imagine him coming into my room while i’m asleep at night and pulling my panties down and touching me. am i gross or what? anyway, we were just teasing him and playing around like we do to other guys on omegle but he sent us a pic of himself that is really handsome so I just wanted to know more about him so i tried googling his email and nothing came up, and then i google pictured the pic he sent me and his facebook page came up. Now I know who he is and I want to tell him but i’m afraid he’ll get really mad at me or scared and never want to talk to me again. i don’t think there is a way for us to be together cuz of my age and he’s married, but sometimes i want him so bad that I think if i just told him, maybe we could be together or something. It’s super wrong though cuz i’m only ** and we could get in trouble. i can’t stop thinking about him and what we would do. do you think i’m stupid? is this whole situation stupid? ugh.
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No, you are absolutely normal, there is nothing wrong to be attracted to older man. This 48 years old dude would appreciate to chat with you.