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My Ex'S Dad ... What To Do ...?

For some reason, I have never actually admitted it before, but i find older men soooo sexually attractive! At the moment I am talking to my ex's dad ... (who is single before anyone asked) and i'm so sexually attracted to him ... I wouldn't do anything with him as he is my ex's parent ... but we have friendly kinky banter all the time ... I'm 21 and he's like 45+ ... is that bad? I dunno ... Cause my ex's relationship with his dad is very poor, they hardly ever talk as they live miles away from each other ... so .. hmmm ... thoughts?
deleted deleted 26-30 2 Responses Feb 7, 2013

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I'm an older man who would love to find a younger woman to be with...
Maybe? ;)

Honey, if you really, truly finished with your ex, then by all means, SEE him! You're only 20 years apart and there is plenty of room for fun there!!