I need help....Im attracted to older men.

classycaz classycaz 26-30, F 49 Responses Mar 26, 2010

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I'm here, just add me!

You don't need help, you just need an older man to keep you happy.
Can you find enough?

So what do we do about that babe????? Add me and lets see where we go

Why would you assume you need help? Does it bother you that you're attracted to older men? How much older? Us old fellers are more stable than a young guy, overall. We know (mostly) what we want, and we've learned a LOT about compromise.

I'm an older guy, and I'd love to chat/get acquainted. What sort of "help" are you talking about? Let's add each other, okay? thanks

Darn that Richard Gere! I knew he was trouble with all his distinguished lookin grey hair and rugged good looks... Lol

Well I can help, What do you like about older men that makes you helpless?

The only help you need is getting in touch with an older man who interests you.

Hi caz im a 50 yr ld man keeping fit looking smart and my marrage ended 15 years ago. since then my confidence and sexual history is 2nd to not and my last 3 girlfriends where 26, 22 and 25 all very attractive and they all say sex with there age is selfish boring and no respect and they have no problem with my age iv a daughter 26, so im aware of peoples opinions, u no what enjoy yourself babe life short live your life not anyone elses and im gunna go with girls of any legal age to a poin for as lng as I can

This is completely natural. don't let society make you feel wrong about what your attracted to. everyone is different and we all have our own desires

Add me please.

id love to help....add/contact me...x

Sorry to hear of your situation, I was put in touch with a personal and relationship confident, whom I greatly benifited from ,maybe you will too :

dont ever say you need help for what you prefer love im 45 soon 46 im in nyc and im very very much looking for a tender sweet and mature young lady around 18-24 to share my heart,love,intimicy and incredible hot passionate LOVE MAKING SESESIONS WITH ,and be everything to her including a DADDY figure, but as of now no luck yet but ill never loose hope in finding her.......................................................................

I am an older man. Please add me and let's talk.

Hi Caz, add me please, I'd love to chat and get to know you better

how much is older to you?

Help me I'm old

OK, so you are attracted to older men. So what is the problem? Please explain.

what help you need honey. talk to me.

And what kind of help do you need?

I would love to help in anyway possible

what help do u need get back to me

Girl’s older men will love you, teach you and respect you always. Message me add

Hey caz I'd sure like to help you as I'm an older man.Please add me.

add me plz

what kinda help do u need?

I can help. I'm an older man.

There's nothing wrong with being attracted to us older men. =)

Hi Classy,

I'm an older guy.

Wanna try me on for size?