An Introduction

First of all, I do drive a limited amount.   I run errands around the neighborhood but I am probably driving no farther than 5 miles from home on a weekly basis.    I think the furtherist I have driven is 10 miles from home.    So yes I have a problem with driving long distances but I have an even bigger problem with not having the nerve to drive on the freeway.   That is what really made me want to start this experience group is that I am prepareing to tackle my fear of driving on the freeway.

What can I say, I live in a place where driving and cars are everything.    We have a great public transit system, but driving is still everything.    But I have know adults in the area that don't drive (and not for a lack of access to a car)   so I knew it might be worth finding others with similar issues online.   Two of my grandmother's sisters didn't drive, but they were teens in the 1920's so I am assuming that a lot of women didn't drive then.   Though my grandmother (very independent) and her youngest sister ( so independent that she left her husband who tried to boss her around) did drive into their senior years.    But I know driving phobia can even happen in modern times.   When I was in elementary school in the 1980's one of my freinds mothers did drive.   One rainy day when my mom picked me up she decided to give the girl a ride home and her mother cooked us dinner to thank us.

So I know there are other people out there who don't drive at all or only drive under certain situations due to phobias and I was hoping this could be a place where we can all draw something from eachother.  But even if I am the only one with stories I am hoping that this will help me conquer my fears.
lovingone lovingone
41-45, F
May 25, 2012