But I'm not lonely.
I used to be with someone and felt so alone with him and his friends, I used to feel so detached.
Now I'm alone, I'm not lonely I'm just alone.
So much more comforting
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2014

I feel alone.

totally relate. with my ex, even though we lived together i never felt more isolated and alone. after him I lived alone for a good few years and I never felt like that again. I'm very comfortable and relaxed in my own company and you seem the same. It's a great gift that. Not many people are comfortable just being alone. I find it a necessity almost. I get this so well.

if you want you can talk to me.

Thank you for your message, as I said I'm alone but not lonely. I used to be very lonely.
My life is filled with people and noise during the day