All Alone!

I have always felt all alone and still do alot of the time.

I did it to myself thought honestly.

I felt like I didn't belong and still feel that way now.

I isolated myself so I wouldn't have to talk to people much.

I keep my feelings inside except for here


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9 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Yeah I think I've opened up to since being on here. It's weird how some people are always surrounded by people. Always out and when they're not they're talking to someone on the phone. Consistently in touch with someone. Maybe it is a vibe or we have the wrong group of friends...

If you are drowning in that sea of loneliness there is one solution. REach out your hand and cry for help. There is ALWAYS someone there who wants to help you. As I told one person here, no matter how fat, how ugly, how stupid, how boring, how mean, how anything you THINK you are, there will still be someone for you. Reach out. Ask for help. If you ask someone and then are rebuffed by that person, just consider them a scum bucket and go find another. I think you will be surprised. Good luck. Make friends and be happy. That's an order, soldier.

I feel the same way. I am disapointed because it seems that no one ever wants to talk to me or hangout. I always feel alone. I have been this way for so long that I am stuck. I try to meet ppl online and that still doesnt work. I guess I give off a bad vibe. I'm a really sweet and fun person. I dunno.

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SimplyPlainS could you add me as a friend if you wouldn't mind? <br />
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I suggest maybe you read my blogs or some atleast as well. they may help

Thanks EP....we LOVE you!!!<br />
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*group hugs!*

I think the site does that to alot of people honestly.

Hey, actually I have opened up a bit more since joining too! <br />
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Odd huh?

I also have opened up since I joined EP some. <br />
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My friends know some of whats going on and is causing me pain but not even do they know all. <br />
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It surprised me I even opened up to my friend honestly. Somehow she managed to make me open up alittle.

I seem to be very similar but i dunno since ive been on here i seem to be opening up slightly but the loneliness really is eating me away x