I Just Cant Be Happy:(

Ever since i was nine going on to ten i always blame myself for my family always fighting and not fitting in at school.I always got picked on,one time i just couldn't take it anymore i try to kill myself manytimes but i said to myself  what will happen to my  family when i die,what will people think of us and what will they say.Then i graduate from my primary school but my mother never wanted me to go to the school that i passed for but im glad for that.But now it looks like everybody just dont like me i  just dont know why,I try my best to fit in and im always nice i just cant be too nice to anybody anymore.I just want to say to everybody think out every thing before you comitt suicide or murder, just read the bible and you will feel a change and you will be happier and you wouldn't care what anybody think of you and remember he's coming soon you can feel it

akilahnehamba akilahnehamba
Mar 12, 2010