Met A Soldier Online.....getting Smitten Already!

Ok so i'll start by saying i'm not quite an army girldriend...not sure what i am tbh, a month ago i started talking to this guy on this site (my army friend told me to go and support the soldiers so i did lol)

Since first talking we have spoken everyday (the odd day not when he was out on mission) and he always messages me to say he is fine when getting back in. We talk about everything really, he is a complete gentlemen with me, which i'm so unaccustomed to!

He is coming back mid January and of course we plan to meet...but really i just feel a little overwhelmed as i obviously already like him and now start to feel worried about his safety and things like that, i have never started anything with someone online hence my feeling utterly confused and all over the place, it's almost like i have already entered a relationship, but obviously i haven't!

Any advice would be great
oldskoolrockchic oldskoolrockchic
26-30, F
Dec 4, 2012