I'm bored so I thought I'd make up this poem that probably only makes sense in my head. Don't worry the medication will probably kick in soon. Lol

In this present we live full of screens that flash & flicker craving attention are we blind from the beauty beyond?

With are focus minds met on sounds and tones are we not aware of the presence of they that surround?

How lonely we lay there in person not to embrace that of which there mute voices say.

Are we dead before we cease to be. But where are we? In mind we fee.
To a place we may not see.

With are life of pretend we keep firm in our hands to the links that we make. Are we truly awake?

Have we misplaced that crisp air that we breath. That sounds & site we once seen. The thrill of witch life used to scream.

With each passing minute we lose the time in our hands. The pulse which is beating that our hearts all demand.

Do we ignore that of witch are lips use to say. We gaze into palms like statues we lay. All dark & cold rested hart with no care.

Where will it cease? We'll there youth be interrupted. Will you laydown your knowledge or bring the world you corrupted.

Next time you stare at your loved ones, remember. No answers will come from that device that you saver.

So basically do not obsess about the phone in your hand go out and live life.
bribri9west bribri9west
36-40, M
Aug 17, 2014