Anyone want to chat? Watching Lord Of The Rings :D
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Grat ******* movies, which one?

Get a real friend loser

I have friends thank you very much.

Best movies ever made.

Are they still walking?

Haha it's over xD

Haha. Was it a nice stroll? Haha someone needs to make a parody of that movie and have little kids walking through a huge park or something.

Definitely haha xD

Imagine a little kid standing on a play ground beam screaming you shall not pass! At a dog or something, while the dog is just sitting there panting. Just starting at the little kid.

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Which one?

First one :D

I have honestly never seen that!

Omg! You NEED to watch it! It's flipping amazing!!

Haha why is that? What's your favorite part?

You just need to! It's amazing!! Haha emmm I like then last one where the big fight is :P

Oooooo lol idk I liked Harry Potter more!!!

:O omg!! Yes!! Harry potter is AMAZING!!!!

Haha that's awesome! Are you more one sided

What do you mean? haha

Such as do up prefer happy potter over lord of the rings

Ooh hmmm.... That's a hard one. I can't decide xD

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Hehe! Funny you! :)

sure I love lotr lol

Me too xD I can never actually finish the whole movie though

i always finish the movies lol

Haha I'll watch like an hour and a half then go do something then come back to it lol

you'll miss out on the good parts hahaha :)

Haha I'll just watch them again! XD

i'm a huge fan lol

I see that haha :D

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