Dont Do It

It all stated when i discovered heroin, to start with i was a very shy and always worrying about what others were thinking about me. So one night at a bar I saw an old friend that asked me did I want to have a good time,, Well thats were it all began , Loved it , it got me Thu everything and it didn't care how i looked if i was shy or not ,,It became my life.... My lover and best friend ! Id do anything for it!! Literally !! Everything i did i had him with me(HEROIN)  ..Until the day that i did the unspeakable....I Robbed a bank .. and landed in jail and was looking at prison! Iowas scared ****-less.. No one would talk to me my family disowned me..I was alone.. I hated my self and wanted to die!! I was sentenced to a recovery home where Ive been clean for 2 yrs!!
rem rem
41-45, F
Feb 20, 2007