I was at work and I tripped over a chair and basically flipped over my leg is killing me now. Embarrassing part is all the kids I work with was like oh my god and laughed
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Yes, we all laugh to cover up our embarrassment.
Have you looked into body balance programs yet? Even Yoga/Ti Chi will help you connect more with your body. It will give you stability of stance and posture.
Then also build up your self worth and self love. This will help you be comfortable in you.
Get to love you with all your warts and all.

Oh no I was just walking and I didn't see the chair so I kinda just fell over lol :[

But I love yoga I would like to take a class . I only do yoga at home

I'm the same way.
I remember my first day of college. I was just casually walking up the stairs with some books and my backpack when I promptly face-planted up the stairs.

Lmaoo oh that totally sounds like something I would do and then laugh at myself