Weight Loss Surgery Journey

Hello my name is Amanda. I'm a 28 year old female, married with no children. I'm morbidly obese. No medical problems caused my obesity, except maybe my struggle with depression over the years which has just created a lazy self absorbed self indulgent person! Well over the years I've done ALOT of soul searching be working on becoming a much better person. I've been struggling trying to loose weight on my own. I worked out religiously and watched every bite that went into my mouth for a year straight...and only loss 40lbs, not a ounce more! So after a lot of research, and discussions I've decided to pursue a weight loss surgery. I originally was interested in the Lap Band surgery, but after a long discussion with my surgeon and lots of research I've settled on the gastric sleeve. I started this adventure with Dr. Neale but at the last minute (at final authorization) my insurance company decided my surgery had to be done at a Center of Medical Excellence. So after frantically trying to find a new surgeon and new center, I found one 3 hours from my house. And luckily the surgeon agreed to except all the test results from my previous surgeon so I wouldn't have to repeat the entire process. The new surgeon ordered 3 more test and I completed those with in 2 days. Now I'm patiently (or trying to be patient) waiting on the surgery coordinator to call me to finalize the paper work for my surgery and give me a new surgery date! Hoping they call soon. I'm so ready to get this party started and start my life changing adventure!
Jan 16, 2013